„Mirror, Mirror” is a single that was heralding the arrival of Scream Maker album “BloodKing”.

Artificial intelligence, computers and automation could be a blessing, but in the wrong hands, such as those of autocratic rulers, paternalistic governments and oligarchs, they become a threat to our freedom. This is what the song and the disturbing music video „Mirror, Mirror” are about. We get lost in the chaos of information, bombarded with unwanted stimuli that cause sensory overload and cognitive paralysis. For those who want to subject us to their control and their will, this is the perfect operating environment. Never before has taking away people’s freedom been as easy as it is today – no more concentration camps and police are needed, the walls of a digital prison are enough.

The video was financed entirely with the band’s own funds without obtaining any public or private subsidy.

Warning! This video has the potential to induce seizures for people with photosenitive epilepsy. If you suffer from this condition, do not watch the video.

The video was filmed at Progresja Club, Warsaw by Kamil Kwieciński and Kacper Kukla, edited by Adam Witkowski in the process overseen by the band.

Adam Witkowski – film editing

Kamil Kwieciński – director on set

Kacper Kukla – director of photography, cameraman

Aike Lindhagen – camera assistant

Oliwia Seretny – focus puller

Claudia Antoszewski – make-up

Mateusz Dudar – lights

Production: Scream Maker