Video to the title song from Scream Maker’s „BloodKing” CD.

Who is the „BloodKing”? He is a universal figure personifying the dark nature of power, especially political power, exercised over us by self-proclaimed tyrants, kings, oligarchs and dictators, but also by corrupt democratic governments. The individual is always in a weaker position when confronted with the BloodKing, who has more than enough pretexts to deprive him of rights and enslave him. The song was composed before Putin invaded Ukraine yet it perfectly relates to the situation and the dark persona of Russian dictator.

Starring: Jerzy Zelnik, Michał Wrona, Sebastian Stodolak, Bartosz Ziółkowski, Tomasz Sobieszek, Jan Radosz

Directed, filmed and edited by Paweł Brzezina

Screenplay by Michał Wrona

Gaffer: Antoni Sturzbecher

Lights: Marcin Doś

Make-up – Estera Piotrak

Production: Scream Maker

The video was filmed at Twierdza Modlin (thanks to the hospitality of Konkret Group The video was financed entirely with the band’s own funds without obtaining any public or private subsidy.