„When Our Fight is Over” is a single heralding the inevitable arrival of Scream Maker new album that is about to be released 27.01.2022.

The black&white video was filmed by Paweł Sierpiński and Paweł Łysakiewicz and edited by Adam Witkowski in the process overseen by the band itself.

We used two great locations: Twierdza Modlin (thanks to the hospitality of Konkret Group) and Podziemia Kamedulskie of Blessed E. Detkens Parish (thanks to the hospitality of Wojciech Drozdowicz, its host).

We had an honor to work with Ewa Błaszczyk, a great movie and theater actress and a philanthropist managing „Akogo?” foundation. Ewa Błaszczyk played a woman trying to beat Death in a chess game. Death was played by our good friend Valeriya Losykhina.

Make-up and on-set help: Aneta Brzezik.

It’s worth noticing that the drum parts recorded originally by Przemek Nalazek in the video are performed by our former drummer Tomasz Nachyła and that in the current Scream Maker line-up the drumset is operated by a totally different musician: the fabulous Tomek Sobieszek. Enjoy the song and video in its entirety! All rights to the recordings and video belong to Scream Maker except for a short part of Macbeth speech from Macbeth The Movie (2015) that was performed by Michael Fassbender. We used it on the „right to quote” basis.