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Many wanted to kill Metal, but Metal never dies. On October 6, five heavy metal bands from Poland, Germany and Slovakia will shake the stage of the Hybrydy club in Warsaw for a performance at the second edition of the ScreamFest festival. If you’re a fan of bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Scorpions or Skid Row or Dokken, you have to be there!
will perform:

Sting Ray (glam/heavy metal, PL),
Steel Velvet (glam/hard rock, PL)
Scream Maker (heavy metal, PL)
Eufory (power metal, Slovakia)
Crystallion (power metal, Germany).

Advance sale: PLN 45
Concert day: PLN 60

The presale ends on 5/10/23 at 11:00 pm
Gates open: 17:00

Start of the concert: 18:00

Sting Ray (glam/heavy metal, PL),

Sting Ray is a band from Nowy Targ playing a combination of hard rock, rock’n’roll, 80s glam and heavy metal. This is something for fans of WASP, Dokken, Skid Row, or Mötley Crue. They are currently recording an album that should be released later this year.

Steel Velvet (hard’n’heavy, PL)

STEEL VELVET is a hard rock band that was founded at the end of 2008 in Strzyżów (Podkarpackie Province). The group’s music is a fantastic symbiosis of sounds from the turn of the ’70s and ’80s. The musicians draw inspiration from classics of the genre such as Whitesnake, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, DIO or Rainbow. Since the beginning of its activity, the group has played a lot of concerts all over Poland, performing alongside such celebrities as Blaze Bayley, Paul Dianno (Ex-IRON MAIDEN), TSA, Mech, Branch Closed, Budka Suflera, Turbo and Złe Psy. His phonographic achievements include „Demo 2009”, the debut album „LuZ” from 2011, the single „Leave Me”, the album „Chwila”, after which the band was hailed by music journalists as „The new hope of Polish hard rock”, and the album itself reached very high places in the lists of the best albums of 2014. Currently, Steel Velvet is releasing a concert album „Live”, which was recorded during a performance in the concert studio of Tadeusz Nalepa in Polish Radio Rzeszów.

Eufory (power metal, Slovakia)

Eufory is an energetic Slovak band. The dynamic guitars, vocalist’s vocals and melodic lines are reminiscent of Helloween, but Eufory goes much further with its music. The band is attractive mainly because of the uncompromising, energetic show. Great vocals, guitars flying in the air and a woman behind the drums are part of every performance. From the very beginning, the band regularly gives concerts in Slovakia, as well as abroad. He is a regular participant of many festivals and clubs, often giving concerts in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Eufory have released two albums and a third is currently on the way. The band’s successes include guest appearances with the German band Freedom Call and supporting bands such as Rage, Powerwolf, Bonfire, Masterplan, Gloryhammer. They also successfully participated in the Masters of Rock and Topfest festivals. The members of the band are Miriama Mia Hodoňová (drums, founder of the band), Ľuboš Senko (vocals), Štefan Hodoň and Peter Drábik (guitars and vocals), and the newest member is Filip Andel (bass guitar).

Crystallion (power metal, Germany)

The German heavy metal band Crystallion was founded in 2003. On the first two albums they presented bombastic metal with Rhapsody, Helloween and Dragonforce influences.