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Ronnie James Dio is without a doubt one of the best metal and rock voices in history. Unfortunately, Ronnie James Dio, the vocalist of such bands as Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and DIO, died in 2010. Since 2014, musicians associated with Scream Maker, Another Pink Floyd, and White Highway have been organizing memorial concerts in memory of the musician who became famous for such metal anthems like Heaven and Hell and Holy Diver.
We invite you to the next – the last one in the coming years – edition of the King of Rock’n’Roll – Ronnie James Dio Memorial

  • Warsaw (02/09) Klub Rejs
  • Krakow (03/09) Garage Pub
  • Poznań (09/09) Pod Minoga
  • Gdynia (10/09) Blues Club
  • Czeski Cieszyn (30/09) Střelnice
  • Chorzów (1/10) Leśniczówka