We want YOUR FACE on our NEW ALBUM!!!


Fans of Heavy Metal,

We want your face on our new album! Along with hundreds of others, it will form a unique collage on our cover. Being that it will be something like „Where’s Waldo?” we will include a special magnifying glass with each CD so you can find yourself and your friends. In order for your face to appear on the cover, we need a new album and in order for a new album to appear, we need funds. Thus, besides your face we also need financial contributions from you. Simple. By supporting our project, your face appears on the cover of our album and you go down in musical history.

Though the campaing is in Polish it’s easy to support us. On the right side of the screen you can find „prizes” for your support. The rule is simple – the higher your support, the higher the prize. The „face” prizes (you get your face on the cover and digital version of the album) start from 20 zł (around 6 $ or 5 euros). Just click the prize button and even without knowing Polish language it will be easy for you to follow the payment procedure.
Beside the „face” the other prizes include: physical copy of the new album, digital and physical copies of the previous ones and various gadgets, i.e. t-shirts or guitar pics. Don’t hesistate to write to us at screammakerband@gmail.com or shoot us a private message in our FB profile.




Our determination is set.

Firstly, the album will contain music of the highest quality. We have already begun composing material for the new album and spend countless hours each week on it. At home or during band practice we are constantly tweaking our material, all the while testing it out at live concerts. We spend our remaining waking hours over vodka, writing life-changing lyrics. It will be Heavy. It will be Metal. But it will also be melodic with a touch of class. Christmas Eve 2015, instead of Bing Crosby crooning carols, you will be able to play grandma our music, as she relaxes by the fire, with a satisfied smile on her rosy-cheeked face.

Secondly, we will be working in the best studio with the best producers. We already proved we can do this with our most recent album, „Livin’ in the Past”. Recorded at HearStudio, it was mixed by musical maestro and producer to stars such as Deep Purple, Journey or Whitesnake, Alessandro Del Vecchio. The album cover was designed by none other than Rosław Szaybo, most well known for his work with Judas Priest and the cover of the 1980 British Steel album. None other than Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater worked his magic on the keyboard for the intro and solo. This is the sort of quality you can expect and with your help, we will do everything to make it even better.

Thirdly, we truly believe in this project. We will match our crowdfunding goal of 6700 Euro from our own pockets. Altogether, the 13400 Euro encompasses producer fees, studio rental and sound engineer costs. It also includes the graphic design fee for the new album, pressing the CD and the cost of the magnifying glasses. If we are able to go beyond our goal (120%), we will use the funds to film a music video which you will be invited to participate in!

Here is our most recent clip from our concert tour of China:

Remember, we will only receive your contributions if we are able to gather the entire sum. All or nothing!

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