Best quotes from „Livin’ in the Past” album reviews

Jordan Rudess and Scream Maker

Hello, metalheads! It’s been almost half a year since we released our new album „Livin’ in the Past”. It was welcomed warmly by the fans and critics and reviewed widely all around the world, including reviews in prestigious magazines such as „Fireworks”, „PowerPlay” or „Top Guitar”. We want to share with you the best and most interesting parts of those reviews. The average rating from the reviews we managed to find in the internet was 8/10 Not bad, right?! :)

PS In the picture you can see Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater and our singer Sebastian Stodolak


„The old gods are honored, but their is something distinctly forward thinking about the powerful attack of this band.”

Matt Baggins http://www.twoguysmetalreviews.com/


The last is the anthem-like “Metalheads” with raw, abrasive riffs and some flavors of power metal. “… No remorse and no regrets, yes, we are the metalheads,” Stodolak sings and you have to believe him, since throughout the entire record Scream Maker proves they know well what heavy metal stands for.

Alexandra Mrozowska, hardrockhaven.net


A great marriage of a traditional heavy metal and a clear, crisp sound due to modern technology, SCREAM MAKER could be one of those hidden gem albums for 2014, and proves that along with CRYSTAL VIPER and TURBO that Poland has a pretty killer metal scene these days.

Matt Coe, Metal-Temple.com


All in all this is an impressive debut record all the way. Powerful and heavy,yet melodic, with an 80′s heavy rock vibe in it and the most of all with some great tracks, „Livin’ Is The Past” includes everything that we love from this music.



This music is what it is; potent well-crafted traditional heavy metal. It is not revolutionary, it is not ground breaking, it’s just an excellent example of this genre played at a very high level. If you love the basic DNA of heavy metal, ie. Huge guitars, powerful vocals, and good catchy over the top songs, then you should love Scream Maker.

Tony Sison, http://thededicatedrockersociety.blogspot.com/


As usually in this music genre the songs are fast, full of spectacular solos and high-pitched vocals. „In the Nest of Serpents”, „Glory for the Fools” or „Metalheads” (great vocals here!) are catchy and for sure will cause an after-show pain in the neck among fans of heavy metal.

Jakub Bizon Michalski, http://muzycznyzbawicielswiata.blogspot.com/

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